Hermès introduces new Cape Cod designs for men

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Hermès’ Cape Cod watch is a classic, but even classics need an upgrade every now and then! The maison is giving their beloved square dial watch a makeover with four new styles: Manufacture, Bicolore, Cadran laque and Bracelet de force all created especially for men. The watches come in new colors but they still feature your favorite details including saddle stiching. Check out the new styles below:

TGM Manufacture:
Available in a number of colors with alligator, or calf leather strap option, this watch features the in-house Manufacture H1912 movement. It has a power reserve of 50 hours and provides the hours, minutes and seconds functions with the date at 6 o’clock. The silvered dials match the straps in colors like Blue, Anthracite and Black or Opaline for the tan strap.

TGM Bicolore:
This watch has a Quartz movement and plain white dial, but the decorative element is the two-color smooth calfskin strap. Choose from two colorways Etoupe/Malta blue or Malta blue/Hermès red.

TGM Cadran Laque
Featuring a lacquered dial, raised rhodium-plated Arabic numerals, silvered transferred square minute track, and rhodium-plated hands the Cadran Laque is low-key without being invisible. It comes with a 17mm Barenia calfskin leather strap and is available in Hermès red or ebony.

TGM Bracelet de Force
Choose from impressive cuff-style straps in Veronese green alligator, Black alligator, Natural Barenia calfskin or Black Barenia calfskin. Like the Bicolore and features the opaline silvered dial seen also on the Bicolore.

The watches will make their official debut at Baselworld 2017.

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Hermes Moves the Blind Stamp

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Back in January of this year we reported that Hermes changed the location of their blind stamp (read: Where’s the H Stamp Gone?). 

To review: the blind stamp is a marker or stamped imprint that indicates the year of production, details about the actual craftsperson that put your treasure together, and in the case of exotics, the specific type of skin. This collection of information is loosely considered the authenticity stamp, but the markings alone cannot validate the authenticity of a handbag.

While the type of information included has evolved over time, since 1945, the stamps have been on the inside of the sangles. Today both the markings and placement have changed.

But we’ve never been sure if the change was a universal shift across allstyles. From what we’ve gathered, the change first occurred on exotic bags approximately two years ago. In January, when I brought home my Plomb Birkin from the mothership in Paris, we learned the change had spread to leather bags too (read: Part IV: PurseBop’s Score at Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré).

We’ve decided to investigate if the change applied to the Kelly bags too.  We reached out to a few members in our community lucky enough to score the elusive Kelly both here in the US and in France over the last few months.


FullSizeRender 97
FullSizeRender 96

Yes! The blind stamp has indeed moved on the Kelly bags, from the reverse side of the sangles (straps), (read: Hermes Birkin vs. Kelly 101 to learn the anatomy of a H bags) to a hidden spot deep in the leather creases of the bag. It is possible that the old placement is still phasing out, since @by_md purchased two Kelly bags this year, each with different placements.






FullSizeRender 99
FullSizeRender 98

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Hermes Apple Watch receives four new band colors, sold separately

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The idea of standalone bands, available as accessories to the Apple Watch is an interesting proposition. It extends the limits and usage of the Apple Watch by catering to wider demands. The Hermes bands will start from $340 for the 38 mm and the 42 mm Single Tour versions. The Double Tour version on the other hand will cost $490 for straps available in the regular and long size variations. The large 42 mm Cuff design will retail for $690 but will only be available in the deer brown shade.

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Hermes Evelyne PM Handbag

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Last year while I was in Paris, I tried a Hermes Evelyne III PM bag and I instantly fell in love with the design, functionality and comfort of this cross-body bag. It doesn’t have a very complicated look, but it is very practical and spacious. It feels like the perfect choice if you want to look stylish when you’re going to work, on errands, shopping or sightseeing on your holiday.

Genuine Evelyne Handbag

Authentic Hermes Evelyne

I didn’t buy the Hermes Evelyne III PM then because I couldn’t even get close to its price- about $3,400. But this summer while I was preparing for my trip in Rome I realized that I need a bag that is large enough to accommodate all my tourist essentials and super-chic so I can match it with my breezy summer outfits. This is how I realized that I need to buy an Evelyne bag…“pronto”! J

As I didn’t trip over a small fortune in the last year, I still couldn’t afford the original Hermes Evelyne so I decided to buy a replica bag online. I found the model that I like on Ukshopbagonline.co.uk. Before I placed my order, I asked at the store if it looks just like in the pictures they post on the site and if it is a perfect reproduction of the Hermes Evelyn III PM. They confirmed that it is and that they only sell accurate replicas of designer purses. Everything about these knockoffs is almost identical to the real thing. But guess what, it isn’t!

side veiw of the bag

When the mail man delivered my Hermes Evelyn III PM replica bag, I was surprised to see that the purse I received does not look at all like the Evelyn III or like the I and II for that matter. I turned this fake Hermes upside down and the only thing it has in common with the Evelyn III is the perforated logo. The rest is totally wrong.

Logo Hermes Evelyne PM Knockoff

Below there are a couple of photos of this so called Evelyn replica. The first thing that you notice as being off is the shape of the bag. The Hermes Evelyn III has the bottom of the purse rounded and nicely outlined by the structured sides while the top is shaped as an inverted arch. Its design is gracious, simple and well balanced. On the other hand, my poor quality replica doesn’t have a well-defined shape. It looks flimsy and disproportioned. The bottom and top part are straight and the sides aren’t wide and thick as on the original Evelyn PM.

bad stiches on fake handbag

Totally Wrong Replica Evelyne Purse

The handles are also wrong. These should be wider and sturdier. Also, the hardware is colored in a tacky yellow gold whereas the authentic purse has silver metallic parts. But the ugliest part of this Hermes Evelyn III PM replica bag is the stitching. I really don’t know how they could ruin the initial design so badly. Instead of using a brown colored thread similar to the leather, they’ve used a thick white thread. The stitching is sloppy, uneven and has many loose threads. Plus, the edges of the brown leather are covered in a black plastic-looking coating that looks very badly. There are some portions of the fake bag where you can even see actual glue stains.

Bad stiches on replica handbag

Replica Evelyne Handle Attachment

This Hermes Evelyn III PM knockoff really is a disaster and I can’t believe the nerves this store has to pretend that it is identical to the real thing. I actually saw the authentic Evelyn and also tried it on. It doesn’t have anything in common with this mess. It’s no wonder that Ukshopbagonline.co.uk has been shut down. It sells very poor quality replicas that do not have anything in common with the original bags.

Inside Hermes Evelyne PM Fake Handbag

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The Hermes Tohubohu Pouch is a cute and functional piece that you can get today! Hot-off the design grill from one of the most celebrated luxury houses in the fashion industry, this small leather treat is far from minute – it is made with only the finest materials ever available, and is really heavy on the fine details. You simply cannot underestimate the craftsmanship on this one.

The pouch comes in an assortment of colors to choose from – actually, you could buy multiple pieces and try to mix and match with your get-up for the day. It also comes in three sizes, so depending on the added functionality and use you have, you might want to consider a larger pouch. These pieces are clearly made with love, and an added sparkle, since it has palladium plated zip closure which keeps your personal effects in check. Also, it has a contrasting canvass interior, which is just so cute to look at!

Get your very own Hermes Tohubohu Pouch now via Hermes e-store.


Hermes Tohubohu PM Pouch
Size: 8.5” x 3” x 3” inches
Price: $860 USD



Hermes Tohubohu MM Pouch
Size: 9.3” x 4.5” x 4.1” inches
Price: $990 USD



Hermes Tohubohu GM Pouch
Size: 11.4” x 5.9” x 4.1” inches
Price: $1175 USD

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Hermes is taking the town by storm with the release of Joueuse Boots! These fancy kickers are out to give you a great headstart – and it’s mighty time you own a pair of rockin’ boots to compliment your wardrobe pieces! Now they wouldn’t look drab…these boots will give them that added ‘kick’. If you want to spice up your look without trying too hard, then wearing a pair of great footwear is a great start. Imagine all the style possibilities you could come up with this baby in tow…you’ll never look at boots the same way again!

These Joueuse Boots are extraordinary – made with only the finest calfskin, you are sure that they will last you more years of use than you could imagine. The material is quite durable, and the design is timeless, so what else could you possibly look for in a pair of boots? It even has a contrasting leather lining and insole, which makes the whole design stand-out. To top it all off, it comes with a Kelly buckle in Ruthenium, an added sparkle. This ain’t too hard to love at all!

With a shank that measures 8.5cm, you can get your very own pair of Hermes Joueuse Boots for $2225 USD or €1480 EUR, available via Hermes e-store.




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